About Wyman & Simpson, Inc.

Wyman & Simpson, Inc., was founded in 1924 by Maine highway engineer Walworth Simpson and A.P. Wyman. The company is one of Maine’s most long-lived and respected construction companies. Originally located in Augusta and Waterville, the headquarters are now in Richmond. Today the company is owned by Doug Hermann, Brent Chesley and Kim Suhr.

The firm's specialties include highways, bridges, hydro-electric and marine construction, and through the years, we have built a reputation for excellence, innovation and value while constructing northern New England's essential infrastructure.

1924 - Maine highway engineers Walworth Simpson and A.P. Wyman found Wyman and Simpson Inc.

1926 - Augusta Reservoir completed.

1928 - Railway at S.D. Warren Company in Cumberland Mills completed.

1936 - Ticonic Bridge in Waterville completed.

1937 - The Augusta-Manchester Highway completed.

1938 - Bangor Hydro-Electric Company in Veazie.

1930s - Acadia National Park Arched Bridges.

1941 - Martin’s Point Drawbridge in Portland.

1942-45 - Shipbuilding facilities, military bases and war-related manufacturing plants. 

1949 - Dead River Dam near Flagstaff Lake.

1951 - Construction of Augusta storm sewers.

1980 - Repairs to Portland Pier completed.

1981 - Wilsons Mills Bridge, Lincoln Plantation.

1985 - Construction of Augusta Waterfront Park. 

1991 - Doug Hermann purchases the business.

2010 - Wyman & Simpson wins AGC Maine’s Build Maine Award for Greenville Municipal Wharf project.

2011 - Knickerbocker Bridge, nation’s first multi-span hybrid composite beam bridge in Boothbay Harbor.

Reconstruction of historic stone-and-brick 1880s North Main Street Bridge in Rochester, New Hampshire.

Building the iconic stone arch bridges in Acadia National Park.




The Ticonic Bridge in Waterville, one of Wyman & Simpson's early projects that helped us to establish a lasting reputation as builders of landmark infrastructure.

Constructing the Dead River Dam, 1949.

The Knickerbocker Bridge, the world's longest HCB (hybrid composite beam) bridge, completed in June 2011.




"Bridge in a backpack" in Auburn, Maine, one of three composite bridges built by Wyman & Simpson from 2010-2011.